Have you ever wondered why the hemp flowers you bought burnt your throat and burn harshly?  Chances are, it has something to do with how those hemp flowers were cured.  Curing the flowers slowly allows all of the chlorophyll to break down as ammonia and be purged off.  In this article I will break down the pitfalls and teach you how to spot properly dried and cured cbd hemp flowers for sale in your market and online.

Too fast
Many hemp growers don’t slowly dry the flower, they crank up the heat and try to dry the flowers as fast as possible, after all the more hemp they can dry, the more hemp they can sell.  In the process, chlorophyll is trapped in the flowers.  Although the buds are technically dry, they will be extremely green in appearance.  Properly cured flowers will be light green because all of the chlorophyll has broken down and purged off in the form of ammonia.

Not burped
This is where the grass/hay smell comes in.  Flowers not properly burped while curing will trap the lawn clipping smell in the flowers.  When the flowers are curing, they are off gassing ammonia just like the lawn clippings in your yard waste bin.  As the ammonia rises out of the buds, it is important to open the jars or bags you are curing in to allow the harsh ammonia to escape.

Just right
Our pre-rolls and cbd hemp flowers are slow cured so they smoke smoother and with more flavor than anything on the market.  Our pre rolls burn to a clean white ash, because our flowers are grown free of harsh fertilizers and chemicals.

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